Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunrise Through the Pines

Every morning I see the sun rise through the trees from my kitchen window.  This morning it was especially vibrant.  Which brings me to my March stash quilt.  I decided to use yellows and oranges to go with the greens for the quilt.  So yes, believe it or not, I already have the title for the quilt as you can see from the title of this post, and by the end of the month I will have cleaned out and organized not one, but TWO  drawers of fabric.  Can you believe it?

Here's what I have so far:

I've made nine blocks, each finishes at 9 inches.  Each block is a nine patch made from 3 inch finished squares.  Almost all the squares are made from wonky strip pieced units.  What I discovered when I began was that (like most things in life!) this is a bit more complicated than it first seemed.  There are four different nine patch variations involved.  A couple of them have a solid square or two.

I plan on building the quilt out from the top and the right, so that the perceived center (the sun) is not centered, but is more in the lower left of the quilt.  I'm pleased I've made so much progress since I have two bee meetings this week, and spring break for our kids for the two weeks after that.  And since this is NOT going to be a bed quilt (YEAH!) it won't take as long.


Lisa A said...

I really like this latest quilt. I just may have to do this one myself - in my spare time! See you Thursday!

Anonymous said...

It's lovely. How do you make the blocks???

Lisa A said...

Where did this pattern come from?