Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Teeth and a New Way to Bind a Quilt

I realized very quickly last night that I had not prepared enough to applique during TV.  I was done in 15 minutes flat.  So this afternoon I prepared 4 more teeth to stitch.  These are tiny little pieces.  Thank goodness the pieces will start getting bigger soon!

I'm not sure why I started with Patches' teeth.  I'll prepare other mouth areas tomorrow, and work my way outward and upward.

I promised I'd share the new binding technique with you today.  It involves stitching binding to each of the four sides of the quilt separately (4 pieces of binding).  At each corner the 2 pieces of binding are stitched together in a way that stitches in the miter on both the front and the back.  Pretty cool.

It's a bit tedious, especially at first.  I may experiment with the technique on my own to see if I can make it a bit easier.  The first corner I did, I made the mistake of sewing a triangle, because that's what the instructions say.  But I realized I only needed to sew two sides of the triangle, like an arrow sort of.  So beware of that before you stitch.

Now that you are totally confused, look at the instructions here and you'll see what I'm talking about.  Let me know if you try this, or if you have another unique binding technique.

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Lisa A said...

You will have to demonstrate this binding technique for us. I couldn't quite follow the pictures.