Thursday, December 4, 2008

Scraps Aplenty!

Is there nothing more beautiful than a pile of colorful scraps?  I think not!  Especially Aunt Donna scraps...

Let me tell you the story of Aunt Donna.  She's not my aunt; I've never met her.  But she's a woman after my own heart - a true fabric lover.  Aunt Donna's niece is in my quilt guild.  I'm not sure where Aunt Donna lives, but I think it's somewhere far away, maybe Chicago?

Round 1:
Aunt Donna's fabric forte is making placemats.  She makes them out of colorful fabric, using many seasonal, holiday, and conversational prints.  Many of her choices are printed with foods, like hamburgers, pizza, popcorn, or pretzels.  She sells her placemats at craft fairs.

Being a good aunt, Donna passes her scraps to her niece, Gwen.  I'm not talking one bag of scraps.  I'm talking 30-50 bags of scraps!  Big Bags!  

Round 2:
Gwen and her friend, Lisa, go though the scraps, sorting them into categories.  They pull some for themselves and make beautiful quilts.  Click here to see a few.

Gwen then brings the leftover scraps to a guild meeting, donating them to anyone who wants to give them a good home.

Round 3:
Many thrifty quilters (including myself) take home scraps to use in our quilts.  I'm cutting selvages off.  As I trim selvages, I group them by length.

I'll save some of the scraps to use for projects.  Which leads me to----

Round 4:
Here's where you come in.  I will have plenty of scraps left!  They are not big pieces, mind you, but they're big enough to strip piece or cut small squares from.  Because of the unique prints, they'd make a good addition to an "I Spy" quilt.  I have enough for more than one winner, too!

Here what you need to do:
Make a comment to any post on my blog, starting today, telling me what you'd like to use them for, or giving me a "Green" quilting tip.  I'll randomly draw a winner on December 12.


Sue said...

Wow! What a nice aunt! Aunts are very special people. They aren't your mom, but they aren't girlfriends. They're in their own special category and the world is a much better place for all the aunts who live in it. I have many aunts, but one has made a very special impact in my life. And I love BEING an aunt- I have 3 wonderful nieces.

You are very generous to share your scraps with readers. If I am the fortunate recipient of some of them, I will make something for my Aunt Nell.

I have been following your blog for several weeks now. I love your work- my favorite is Starry Night. Now, if you want to give THAT away, I'll be first in line!

KF said...

Hi - I follow your blog through the Quiltblogs site. Like Sue wrote before me, I love being an aunt, too! My nephew is 3-1/2 and loves to crank the sewing machine wheel to stitch little bean bags and stuff. I could see the two of us having a great time with Aunt Donna's scraps ... hopefully making some holiday gifts along the way!

Just Jenn said...

Hey! That explains the pizza scraps you sent me! lol... I guess I don't need to send you any charms back but there's a little envelope with your name on it going in the mail tomorrow anyway. Thanks again!

GunnyMom said...

hi i'm just down the road a bit from you in Cullman.(small world on the internet huh?) i see that you are a very talented artist. I am just a beginner. i'm learning in small pieces and would appreciate any help that i can get. looking forward to your insight and inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I am just returning to home, was in the Northwest for a thanksgiving vacation, and it is nice to be back to catch up on your blogs. However if I happen to be so luck to share some of those beautiful food fabrics, I would make bibs for the seniors at the Oak trace convalesent home. It is fun to read and view your comments. I missed the coffee meeting since I was in Seattle.
December 10, 2008