Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gallery Ready

It was a busy day, but I got it done!  Some of the quilts (the larger ones) needed a slat of wood for the sleeve.  I had a supply of strips of wood in the attic.  I have my own little miter box and hack saw, so this was no problem.  I had a package of picture hangers which I hammered to the backs of slats.  Until I ran out...
Plan B was good old pop tabs.  I stapled them to the back of the slat ends.  Hopefully they will hold!
The little quilts that aren't framed had pop tabs sewn onto the back with button weight thread.
Everything is laid out neatly on the guest bed.  The lint roller is ready to remove any stray dog hairs once I get to the gallery.  I'm also taking along some scissors in case I need to snip any threads.  I'll set up in the morning.  

The hardest part of this was pricing the quilts.  How do you put a price on something handmade?  I based the prices on size of the quilt, how much hand work was involved, whether hand dyed fabric was used, if a frame is included, etc.  I'll be interested to see if anything sells, and if so, what goes first.  

I'm pooped!

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