Saturday, December 13, 2008

And the Winners Are...

It's time for the scrap giveaway!  I drew two winners:
1. KF who posted on Dec. 4
2. Anonymous who posted on Dec. 10

Please e-mail me ( with you snail addresses, I'd I'll mail your goodies post haste.

The Rockettes were fabulous last night.  This morning hubby and I went to a neighborhood holiday brunch.  Then I braved taking my mom to the mall- and yes, this was a true act of COURAGE!  But I survived, and she found everything she needed.  

After all that, I came home exhausted, so I never made it upstairs to the studio today.  Maybe tonight I'll find some energy and finish those blacks and grays.

1 comment:

KF said...

How exciting to be a winner! Thanks for sending something new for me to play with over winter vacation!