Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm the Guilty Party

I found my missing memory card and scandisk!  I woke up VERY early this morning, and lay in bed retracing steps from last week.  I was in such a sick fog when cleaning the house, it's a wonder I could get my mind to go back in time.  But I suddenly had a thought of where it might be.  I got up and went straight to it!  And, yes, I'm the one who put it there in the first place.

Today's goals were to do the shoe (upper left), the water (lower left) and the bathing suit.  Mission accomplished.  I mainly have just one arm, two legs, and hair left.  And four more days.  It would be fabulous if I could finish this early, move on to the quilting, and actually finish this early.  Wouldn't that be SOMETHING!

I'm trying to decide how to handle the rope that loop through the inner tube.  I've left blank space where it goes, but now I'm wishing I'd filled the areas in.  Hmmm...
I've thought about couching a real rope onto the quilt.  Hmmm...
Any ideas?

I'm still not really thrilled with the dog, but I may try to enhance the colors with some Paintstix to get the look I'm going for.  It feels so good to be quilting again!  I'm still not 100 percent well, but at least I'm up and around.


Lisa A said...

I'm really liking the look of this strippy portrait.

Joan said...

It's looking good and glad you are feeling better and back to working on your goals.
Pleased that the scandisk turned up in your memoryand you found it in reality. That happens to me so many times...great big blanks of where I put things usually though my glasses and keys !! However , at this moment I am seeking some fabric I put away before Christmas for the start of a new quilt and I cannot find it.