Monday, December 8, 2008

A New Use for Old Buttons...

Today was my guild's Christmas coffee.  I am so thankful to be a part of this group.  I learn something from other members constantly.  And they are so giving!

Of course I saw many beautiful Christmas sweaters, vests, sweat shirts, t-shirts, and jackets on members this morning, but this one really caught my attention.  This is Cyndi Wheeler modeling her creation.

She sewed antique button on the shirt and drizzled metallic paint around them.  What a lovely Christmas tree!

Here are the 3 slice quilts hanging together.  I'll share better shot of them all soon; I know I never posted the third one.
Another "star" of show and tell was this beautiful batik quilt made by Annie Woods.
And I loved these funky little quilts made by Kathy Joiner!
Confession time....
But I don't feel THAT guilty.  One of our former members is unfortunately suffering from Alzhiemers (spelling is incorrect, sorry) and is in a nursing facility.  In order to raise money for her care, her son asked a couple of our members to bring her sewing stuff to the meeting to sell.

I spent $6.00.  I bought a shoe box of old zippers for $1.00, a shoe box of cording for $1.00, a ruler for $2.00, and a few miscellaneous 50 cent items.  But I know that in a very small way, my $6.00 is going to a very good cause.  Plus, I'll be giving a new use to items that have probably been stored away for years.  And that makes me happy.

Adding that to the $9 I spent on a pattern enlargement a few weeks ago, I've spent $15.00 in the last 3-plus months on quilting.  Not too bad, I think.

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