Friday, December 12, 2008

Goal Oriented

 It's tough when I'm working on one big project (a rarity!) and I don't take breaks to do other things.  What it means for you, dear blogging friends, is that unless I show you the progress of that ONE quilt every day until you're absolutely sick of it, I must dig up other photos of mild interest, because I hate to post without a photo!  So that explains the above photo: the beautiful flower arrangement at the gallery reception last Sunday.  They designed it to match the angel quilt (Stairway to Heaven) hanging in the background.  Lovely!  What you can't see are all the yummy foods they served.  Trust me, they were lovely and delicious, too.

So, did I make my goal of finishing the blacks/grays on THE quilt?  Not quite, but almost.  I had to quit early since hubby and I are going with some of his work friends and their spouses to eat pizza and see the Radio Music Hall Rockettes.  They are on tour and happen to be in Birmingham this weekend.

The weekend goal:
1.  Finish the blacks/grays.
2.  Work on the other "loved one" in the quilt.  Yes, though it looks like a portrait of one person, there is yet another loved one to be fused.

You still have the rest of today to make a comment to be entered for my fabric scrap drawing.  For my local friends who are new to blogs and comment, simply click on the word "Comments" at the bottom of a post.  A friendly screen will tell you exactly what to do.

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