Sunday, December 7, 2008

Opening Day!

My, don't I feel important - my name on a sign, no less!  I'm "sharing" the show with the local Calligraphy Guild, as you can see.  The reception today was tons of fun.  I met so many nice people who are not used to seeing quilts hanging on walls.

Some of my quilter friends came (thanks to Ruth Ann, Art, and Lisa!) and I ran into the mother of an old friend.  I met LOTS of calligraphers!

Here's Oliver (the dachshund wannabe) in all his glory.
Here's "Stairway to Heaven" based on a photograph of a statue in a cemetery.
And a row of little quilts.
And me!
My hubby was the photographer for the day and did a great job.  And I must add, he does a much better job of  "selling" my quilts than I do.  He walked up to strangers, said, "My wife is the quilter.  Let me tell you the story behind this one."  And on he went, telling different people about different quilts.  It was a fun afternoon!

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Joan said...

What a great time you must have had and don't those quilts look grand hanging in that space. Love Oliver.
Well done Julia . You can relax now.