Thursday, November 15, 2012

Where Did Yesterday Go?

Yesterday was just one of those days!  I had the termite inspectors here - they were outside the entire time, but still....  And the Hunter Douglas blinds we had ordered came in so I had two guys here installing them in the master bedroom and the main living area.  These blinds were a splurge, but now we finally have some privacy and light control in our bedroom - yay!  The new blinds in the kitchen and dining room will probably stay up most of the time, but they'll be nice to lower when we have major glare on the TV.

So anyway, never did a basket yesterday.  But above is today's.  I've switched back to making solid backgrounds with print baskets.  This background is called Mango.

And the group shot:  17 blocks done!

Today I went to the Newcomers' luncheon - yummo - had shrimp and grits at Jimmy's.  Then I stopped at the Honey Baked Ham shop to get a ham for next week.  On the way home I snapped a shot of these benches.  I would love to know what Jason did to make Bridget mad!  Or maybe Bridget was in the wrong?

Tonight is quilt guild.  Looking forward to it!  Though I'd better bundle up - it's gotten pretty cold.  Today's temp has only gone up in the 50's.

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