Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello? Are You Still There?

I'm still here, crawling out of my oblivion - I've been in a sort of dazed stupor for days.  Today I feel like I'm coming out of the fog at long last.  Coming up for air.  Trying to get my get-up-and-go back again.  The problem is that every time I sit down, I fall asleep.  I've had three naps today.  A bit much, don't you think?  I guess my body is trying to tell me not to move too fast.

This afternoon I forced myself to stay awake for awhile and went upstairs to my studio.  I made a basket block; it had been so long.  The handle is little off, but then I'm still a little off.  I'll leave it be.


Brenda said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon too!!! We all have had those days!I've had alot more of them than I care to admit!!!LOL!! Your stamps are looking great!!!

Sue G.