Friday, November 9, 2012

Cranking up the HQ

Basket-a-day.  Cute one, huh?

And the group shot.  12 blocks done!

Okay, now I'm getting back in the swing of things, slowly but surely.  I decided to dust off the HQ Sixteen to get it ready to quilt Gee's Bend.  I haven't touch this machine since we've been in Auburn!  I plugged in all the plugs and re-installed the light on the top.  Then I gave everything a good wipe with a damp rag - oh, she was dusty!  Then I filled a bobbin and was ready to go.  It's been so long....I decided I'd better warm up on a small quilt sandwich.

I need to adjust the tension a bit before I quilt on something "real," but I'm getting close to being ready. Also I can tell she needs a good dose of machine oil.  Now where is my oil?  It's got to be here somewhere!

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Nina Marie said...

Hey I'm doing this quilt too!! I've had my ups and down with it too :) I really love yours!! My on-going saga is on my blog!