Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Candle Mat from a Kantha Quilt!

I actually have a finish to share!  I had a bee in my bonnet every since the daughters and I had our candle making adventure a couple of weeks ago.  I felt like my pumpkin spice candle deserved a little mat.  I snipped a circle from a Kantha quilt scrap and added some bias binding - easy peasy!  I really love it.

And it's reversible to boot!

I've been making itty bitty hexies again.  I should have put a coin in the photo for comparison, but these measure 1/2 inch from side to side - just a bit bigger than those other ones.  I will definitely make more of these little beauties.

Basket-a-day:  bubblegum pink.

Group shot: 13 blocks done!  I've gotten enough done now that I'm beginning to wonder exactly what I'm going to do with them.  Hmmm....I'll put my thinking cap on.

Other than my sewing, we're having a lazy day.  Hubby has now come down with my yuckity-yuck.  :(  He got a lovely steroid shot this morning, along with a bag of antibiotics and some cough medicine.  Poor thing.  I treated him to this:

The girlies have gone to the football game while we are hunkered down with the dogs watching football.  I am surrounded by fabric and thread, sewing away.  Love that I can hexie while we watch TV together.

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