Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Decorating Time

I was MIA from the blog yesterday due to a bad headache.  ARGHH!  I also had to miss my small quilting group. :(  I didn't feel much like talking or sewing.  But I woke up this morning feeling much better. :)

Hubby and I got to work finishing our decorating.  Her are the three trees.  I used vintage quilt tops for tree skirts.  The left tree and the middle tree are both sitting on ottomans.

The Jim Shore figurines are lined up on the dining room table.

The carolers on on the pianos.

I saw an idea in Southern Living where someone spray painted magnolia leaves for decorations.  We have plenty of those around, so I sprayed away this morning and used them to decorate our door swag (above) and some outside plants.

I made the basket-a-day - love the red, white, and blue!

Group shot:  23 blocks done!

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Anonymous said...

Glad your feeling better Julia.
I get really bad headaches too from the barimetric pressure change living in long island,NY. So I know what you mean.

Your decorations are beautiful! Love those trees!! Great idea!!!

Will be signing in with an acct soon. New year coming so I'm adding a few to-do's to my list.

Have a great day!

Sue G.