Monday, November 26, 2012

Basket and Shopping and More Thanksgiving

I got my basket making on this morning!  Love this Kaffe print - the block ended up with a sweet carrot in the middle of the basket.  :)

Group shot:  22 blocks done!  It's amazing how fast these little baskets seem to multiply.  And remember, these only take about 10 minutes per day.  I'm working on a few other quilts that I can't show.  I'm loving my new Block-a-day plan.  Even though I'm working on quilts for a book, I can take a few minutes a day and before I know it I have a fun quilt.

I also quilted two sections of the Gee's Bend quilt.

Here's a shot of the Thanksgiving table with my wool acorns scattered amongst the silver pumpkins.

And here's the family photo just before we all dug in!  You can't miss me - I'm the one in bright orange.

This morning hubby and I went shopping for all the remaining Christmas decorations we need.  I put up our tree yesterday.  While in Birmingham, we used a lovely 7 foot "slim" tree.  It worked great in a corner.  However, that same tree looks kind of puny here.  We now have higher ceilings.  Last night I searched online for a taller pre-lit tree.  The ones I like are more than $1000 - that's not going to happen!  I put my thinking cap on (went to bed).  Overnight the solution hit me.  Why not elevate the 7 foot tree we have, and put two smaller trees (we already own) beside it?  We tried it this morning.  We put the 7 foot tree on top of a 2 foot tall firm ottoman.  Then we put the two smaller trees beside it.  IT WORKED!!  How's that for making do?  We just had to buy some new ribbon for wreaths, some live poinsettias, and a couple more small items.

Tomorrow morning it's supposed to rain here.  We'll use that time to decorate the trees.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julia, you have a beautiful family picture. And your baskets are coming along nicely. Love the idea of putting all your trees together. Make sure you take a picture when they're decorated. We all would love to see.

Sue G.