Friday, May 25, 2012

One Flea!

Long day yesterday.  The appraiser did his thing.  The inspector did his thing (slowly!)  He was so very nice, but he was here until 8:30 last night!  I kept the doggies in the car out front with the windows rolled down and a nice bowl of water.  They were so happy to break out of there!

Then we were all pooped and settled in front of the TV.  And I saw it.  A flea on Prince!  EEK!  It didn't matter that it was 9 pm, they both got an immediate bath.  As you can see above, Mickey thinks the bathtub is just a great big water bowl.  He drinks long and hard from that warm water!  I saw a few little fleas go down the drain, but this morning I found another on on Prince.

Off to Walmart I went!  I bought some little tubes of flea treatment for both of them and some spray for their fur and their bedding.  I put all their bedding in the washing machine on the HOT AS BLAZES setting.  Before bedtime, I'll spray down their night-night crate very well.

Can you tell I don't like fleas?  I haven't seen one on our dogs for about 10 years.  I guess the mild winter we had is causing the outbreak.  Hopefully, we'll nip it in the bud.

After lunch, Mickey did a little of this.

And this.

And this.
And this!

Ahh, the joys of late Spring!

We won't know until early next week the results of the appraisal and inspection;  I think the buyers have to notify us by Monday if I'm not mistaken.  Still keeping fingers crossed.  The clean-out continues around here, but we're making good progress.  Three weeks from today is our move!

While the inspector was here, I organized a new quilting project.  Maybe I will actually have some quilty goodness to share here soon.  Meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure, check out an AWESOME quilt here!

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