Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crucial Day!

Mickey has no idea how important today is!  I took him out to take care of business and he didn't want to come back inside.  He's very cold natured and seemed to want to spend the morning basking.  Too much to do, Mickey!  You'll have to come inside and get under a quilt!

Today our current home is being appraised and then later, inspected.  Yes, the house will be poked and prodded, measured, studied, and analyzed.  All part of the process of selling it, so all is good.  We've always repaired things as they broke, so we're pretty confident that all will be well.  But you know those inspectors - they can always find something wrong!

The house went through an inspection in January for our relocation company, and we've already fixed all the little things found then.  So hopefully, today will go easily.  But keep your fingers crossed just the same!

I've parked my car in a shady spot in front of the house.  When these people converge here, I'm going to roll the windows down and let the doggies take a nappy in the back.  MUST remember to put a bowl of water in there for them.

I've put a pile-o-quilty stuff on the kitchen table - maybe I can spend that time getting something new started!  A girl can wish and hope.......

Peggy posted an adorable hexie gifty she recently received - check it out on The Hexie Blog!

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