Saturday, May 19, 2012

Aldridge Garden Photos

 Here are some shots I took with my phone late yesterday as hubby and I enjoyed Aldridge Gardens.  Look at the size of that bloom!  It's bigger than my hand!
 A sweet waterfall.

Hope you enjoyed these hydrangeas.  If you're ever in Birmingham, this is a wonderful little park.  There's a small lake, lots of walking paths, and picnic tables.  It's in the Hoover area on Lorna Road.

Today we had another busy day.  We still haven't made it up to the attic to finish that task - it was simply too hot to be up there today.  So we focused on going through drawers and closets, gathering lots of stuff to donate and hauling it all down to the garage.  Unfortunately I tweaked my back yesterday, so hubby did all of the hauling.

I also went through the kitchen, cleaning out lots of old cereals, crackers, and all sorts of expired food items.  The garbage men will have a pile to pick up from our house on Monday morning!

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