Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Quilting is Done!

I finished the quilting today, as planned.  Excuse me for not being more excited, but I'm a bit tired.  I've already brought my sewing machine down from my studio, ready to pack in the car in the morning for it's much needed vacation (i.e., maintenance).  It's been having a problem for some time now.  Several months ago, I did some machine quilting with clear nylon thread.  Somehow, some of the thread got caught inside the machine.  I took it to the shop then, but it has not run that great since.  I should have immediately taken it back to the shop, but I couldn't stand to be without it.  So now, maybe they'll figure out the problem.  This time, after they've fixed it, I will insist on sewing on it in the store before I leave, just to make sure everything is okay before I take it back home.

Tomorrow, I'll trim THE quilt and pick out the binding fabric.  Emily went back to college today; I miss her already!  But I've still got Elizabeth here for a few more days.

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