Friday, January 2, 2009

Muscular Quilting?

No, I'm not building muscles, but doesn't the quiliting resemble ripped muscles?  I'm showing the back because the quilting really doesn't show well on the front.  If you can't tell, that's the face above, and of course the hand below.
Thank goodness my machine and I are playing well together today.  For the past few days she's been a bit ornery.  Breaking threads.  Caught threads.  You name it, threads.  I've cleaned her out (multiple times), put in new needles (multiple times), and even resorted to sweet talking.  She finally listened, because today she's humming along.  I like it when we play well together.

I think what put her in a good mood was my telling her that she'd get to take a vacation at the sewing machine shop for much needed maintenance and relaxation as soon as she finishes quilting this quilt.

I have another machine I can use while she on holiday.

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Joan said...

Yes they do look like muscles.The hand is great looking for the back. The back of my sewing couldn't be shown.
Sewing machines need to be 'sweet talked' to. If I get a little angry with mine she misbehaves even more, so it's not worth the agro. Singing or reminding of good times usually works. LOL