Saturday, January 24, 2009

Purple Russian

I've been embroidering varieties of tomatoes in a meandering fashion around this little quilt.  Who knew there were so many varieties.  Beefsteak, I've heard of, but Purple Russian?  There is still plenty more work (or play!) to be done on this piece.  I don't plan these funky little pieces, so I'm not sure exactly what will come next.  I'm thinking about a sheer hand coming toward the tomato.  Or maybe some stamping or painting on the yellow background would look good.  Or I could rough up the canvas with some sandpaper.  Or all of the above.  Stay tuned.

Big news!  This morning I finished making the blue strip pieced blocks for my January stash quilt.  Plus I finished organizing the blue drawer.  Pictures tomorrow!  Now I can sew the blue blocks together.  And I still need to quilt the round quilt.  There is always something waiting to be done, but that's the fun of it.

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