Monday, January 19, 2009

A New Use for Christmas Card Displays

Here's a quick tip for you!  I like to use a Christmas Card display rack for displaying my quilted postcards.  I made one of these, but the others were gifts from friends.  I have this rack in my kitchen, so they are easily seen and enjoyed.

Today I hosted the third art bee for our Guild.  It's hard to believe we now have THREE art quilting groups!  I've decided to join the group and we decided to call ourselves Art 3B.  (Like Art Bee 3, but cooler!)  We all seem to mesh well together, spending the morning getting to know one another.  We all agreed we don't want to slave over cooking a meal when we host a meeting - we'll all just bring a sandwich.  Sounds good to me!

As soon as the meeting ending, hubby and I loaded up our car with our living room furniture, taking it to my in-laws who will pass it on to a family in need.  Then we went to a furniture store, previously visited on Saturday, and came home with a new sofa, two new chairs (closeout for only $75 each!), and two new lamps.  I never dreamed Friday night that by this afternoon we would have moved tons of furniture around, painted our foyer (almost, anyway!), and replaced our living room furniture.  I'm ready for a rest!!!

No, I've haven't exercised again....
We just haven't stopped long enough.  But I'll get back to it in the morning after hubby goes to work.  Then, and only then will I get back to work in my studio.

Did I mention we're having out of town company this weekend?  My brother and his three boys.  It will be nice to see them all!

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