Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Judy Cloe's Trash

Remember the bag of trash given to me by Judy Cloe?  Today I played with it, working on two little art quilts.  Neither is finished yet, but I'm giving you a peak anyway.  The piece above uses machine needle felting.  The one below is pieced.  TINY piecing.  ITTY BITTY piecing.
I'm doing some hand stitching on both pieces tonight, so hopefully they'll be done tomorrow.

Hubby has been very sick for several days.  I think he has the crud I had over Christmas.  He doesn't get sick very often, especially not like this.  I took him to the doctor this morning for a lovely shot.  He'll probably be home with me for at least one more day.  We've watched several movies while he's been home.  The doggies love that fact that he rests on the sofa most of the time; they've been piled up all over him.


Joan said...

Hope your hubby will be better soon

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love the trash quilt. Hope hubby is all better soon.