Friday, April 12, 2013

Woman at Work...

Still hand quilting.....

I think I may add more machine quilting to this one later.  Loving the slow pace.

Other stuff going on:

1.  Went bra shopping today - one of my LEAST favorite things.  Don't think I had much success.  Bought 2.  Wore one a few hours - hate it!

2.  Bought batting today for the quilt top I finished a few days ago.

3.  Update on local art contest:  I found out last week I was not one of the three winners.  :(  BUT, they contacted me this week and still offered to sell my little quilt in the store next weekend.  (I was in the top five!) :)

4.  Just got back from the baseball game.  :)

5.  It's Master's weekend.  Go Jason Dufner!

6.  I'm trying my hand at making Seafood Gumbo this weekend.

7.  Heard today that the new book will be released by April 22!


Lisa A said...

I so understand the bra shopping thing. I tried on no less than 40 bras last fall trying to find something that fit. I took back so many that I wore for an hour or two and couldn't wait to get off. I have finally found a style that is ok, but my body is not the shape it used to be!

Sue G. said...

Love your fabric choices Julia! The hand quilting really is giving it a very unique look to it! Love it! Can't wait to see it when it's complete!!! Great job!!

Dora, the Quilter said...

I understand about the bra shopping. Mine were falling apart. Then I walked into a store last weekend and my favorite style was on sale--I bought a bunch--thinking they will probably be discontinued now or that the price will be doubled!