Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hexie Book at Paducah!

LOOKY! Thanks to Jill for sending Peggy and me this picture of our NEW BOOK on the shelf at the AQS booth at the Paducah show! It's killing me that I don't have a copy yet, but maybe my shipment will come today.

Yesterday I made a stash busting quilt back.  I pulled various blues and browns and kept sewing until it was big enough.

And then the basting began! This is quilt is ready to go under the machine - yay! Today I'll be piecing another backing and basting another quilt. This next week will be all about MACHINE QUILTING!


Anonymous said...

Your book is on the "top shelf" - great placement! Congrats!

SewCalGal said...

How cool to spot your book at Paducah. It looks like a really fun book. I'm looking forward to checkin it out.


Sue G. said...

Congrats! Your book is in a great location to be checked out!!!!