Friday, April 26, 2013

The Back of the Quilt

Here's a shot of the back of the quilt that I'm hand quilting. There are some sections of flower fabric in the border and I'm simply outlining them with the quilting.  One side done.  Three more to go!

I did finish the quilt top I've been working on - machine appliqué, all day!  Now I have two tops ready to be basted. I'll have to piece the backing for one of them - I'll work on that today.  My mother will probably be coming to visit in a week or so and I want to get these quilts ready for hand work before she comes! I don't like to hide away in my studio when she's here - so I try to plan for only hand work while she's visiting. Lots to do before then!

And what else am I doing? Planning the next couple of quilts in my head, of course! I have one design completed (yes, still in my head!) and the other one started!  Gotta finish the ones I'm working on first, though!

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