Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Sunny Morning to Quilt

I LOVE mornings like today.  The sun was streaming through the windows - lots of natural light! I had three things I wanted to accomplish this morning.

One was to make the binding for this quilt and stitch it down.  DONE!  I still have more hand quilting to do on this one before it's finished completely.

Another project was to carefully remove a pinned-together quilt top from my design wall so it can be machine appliqued.  This took some time since I'd pinned all the way through to the design wall in many places.  But I got it DONE.

Next I had to send out some e-mails.  DONE.

Love the feeling of marking everything off my list!

I spent the afternoon hand sewing with friends - lots of fun!  Tomorrow I'll be working on machine appliqué and more hand quilting.

1 comment:

Sue G. said...

Great work on your todo list! The lists help up stay focused don't they?
BTW Love your cut! Do you feel alittle sassy now!I'm long over due for a change. I plan on changing my cut at the end of the summer.When pool season is over.
I like what your community did for the departure of the tree. Sounds like it was a great gathering!