Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kleenex Inspiration

Am I the only quilter who adores Kleenex boxes? I never grab the first box I see at the grocery store. I have to find the cutest, most adorable box. And I ALWAYS see quilt designs in them. I picked up this little gem this afternoon.
And I had to come home with this one, too, which is actually designed for car use. I can really see this one as a modern quilt.
I found this product last week at the grocery. Even though it says it's for water and tea, it was on the aisle with the marinades.
I spotted this recipe on the back of the box (click to see bigger) and thought it sounded yummy. It was! We had it for dinner along with brown rice and a green vegetable. Will definitely make this again.


Kentish Keg-Meg said...

What a great source for quilt design inspiration. Shopping may take me longer now in the supermarket but it will be much more fun.
That recipe sounds great not sure if we can get that here in England but I will look out for it.

Emily said...

I will have to look for that lemon stuff! Looks good!