Thursday, September 8, 2011

Beautiful Quilts from Beginners

Here are a few shots from my beginning quilting class this week.
Tuesday was the last official class, but since half of the students lost their electricity due to Lee's remnants, they weren't able to complete their homework.
We're going to meet next week, too, so that I can make sure they have no more questions. And also, I want to see the finished quilts! They all said that machine quilting wasn't as hard as they thought it would be. And they enjoyed learning how to bind their quilts. I will really miss these ladies, as we've all become friends in the process of their learning to quilt. Isn't that the greatest part of quilting - the friendships we build along the way?

I have had one of those weeks. Many tear filled conversations with my mother. Taking care of my father is taking its toll on her. Not sure what the next step is. For now she may hire someone to stay with him occasionally so she can get out a bit. Tough times.

But the good news: DRUMROLL......
My wonderful new partner (Peggy Rhodes) and I have finally (!) completed our book proposal and shipped it off to a publisher! We gave each other a virtual hug and high five this afternoon via cell phone. I do love having a partner! We have each given equally to the project, and we've both brought good ideas to the table. I love having someone to bounce ideas off.

Now maybe I'll clean the house? And take a shower?


fiberchick said...

Am so sorry to hear about the difficult week with your parents... The brighter note of your post is really exciting. I love your first book. Any hints about this one? When will we be able to get our greedy little hands on it?

Julia Wood said...

Wish I could tell you all my secrets, but I have to keep hush-hush for now. I can tell you that it will be full of fabulous quilts and other projects. And I don't know when it will be available until we have a firm contract. You know I'll post it all here first, soon as I can!

Karen said...

Julia - I can tell from reading your posts that you really love teaching beginning quilters. I used to teach beginning sewing and found it to be so satisfying. I'm not a quilter but rather a patchwork-er! I enjoy the planning and piecing part, especially when I'm using vintage and organic fabrics. I then hand it off to a very talented long arm quilter to stitch. My most recent project was a hemp and organic cotton quilt. Take a peek at my blog to see the photo, Good luck with your new book!