Monday, September 12, 2011

Hand Quilting Done

I finished the hand quilting with perle cotton yesterday afternoon- just simple lines criss crossing the big blocks. In yellow. You may have to click the picture to see it better. I think my friend will like it.

It's always heart breaking to hear of someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer (or any terrible disease). But this woman has always been the picture of health. She has always eaten right, and she has always exercised. I mean REALLY exercised! She participates in triathlons, for goodness sake! I mean, who does that! But her mother had breast cancer, so I guess the genetics played a huge part in it. Prayers for her.....

Quilt guild was today. It was the first meeting of our year, so it was a busy and hectic time. 132 people were there! I'm co-chair of the national teachers and next month I'll be hosting Karen Kay Buckley here in Birmingham. She'll be lecturing at our guild meeting and teaching three workshops. I can't wait - should be a fun time for all!

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Kentish Keg-Meg said...

Like the colours and the hand quilting with the perle. Great thread is perle.I am sure your friend will love this gift and to know you are thinking of her.
132 people, my that's a large gathering.