Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Georgia Quilt

Here is another one of my favorites from the quilt show a couple of weeks ago - a Sue Spargo beauty!
I adore the textures of wool, velvet, and cotton.

And embellishments galore!
Here's the info on the makers.

I've been quilting LIKE CRAZY this week. I'm trying to finish a quilt top for the book. It's been in progress for months, but I took a very long break to work on other projects and to work on the proposal. There is a lot of hand work involved - for me that mean sitting in my recliner, doxie in lap, TV turned on. I know - tough job!

My biggest challenge is making myself get up and move around occasionally. Yesterday I took a break mid-morning and took Mickey for a nice walk. I think I'll take Prince today.

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Melinda said...

The quiltmaker is my friend Jan and I quilted it. I love this quilt. Jan has such great color sense and I always love working on her quilts.