Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missoni Madness!

So I'd been seeing those fun Target commercials highlighting the Missoni collection; opening day was Tuesday. I figured I'd stop by and browse. I do love me a zig zag, and Missoni is all about the zig and the zag!

I got to Target at about 8:30 am, thinking I was early. Boy, was I wrong. By the time I walked in the store, there were tons of ladies (mostly young) in line at the cashiers with piles (PILES, I say!) of Missoni goodness in their carts. I made a loop through the store, only finding the Missoni dregs. There were very few garments left, though I did find a black and white zigzag top in my size. Even the housewares and decorative items had been picked clean.

However, I did score on a Missoni tie for hubby. I don't often buy him clothes - he has very good taste and knows what he likes. So I was taking a chance, but he loved it and wore it the next day to work, getting lots of compliments.
It is a nice pattern, isn't it?

I heard that the Target website was down all day Tuesday. I also heard that Missoni for Target items are now being sold on ebay, of course at elevated prices.

It's just as well I saved my money. I'm going on a bus trip with our quilt guild tomorrow - off to Atlanta! We're going to a quilt show in the morning and a quilt shop in the afternoon. Can't wait!


Emily said...

Love Dad's tie! I doubt Tommy would want to wear one, but Dad definitely pulls it off!

shi zhan said...

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