Sunday, September 4, 2011

Quilt Inspiration From Pinterest

Yes, I'm still harping on Pinterest! I you haven't joined in yet, go there NOW (as soon as you finish reading this post, that is). It's my new way to bookmark something interesting I see on the Internet. It keeps all those links in one place, store by the categories I select, with the link included automatically. Plus the best part, I see the pictures which makes it so easy to find what I want. And I can look through all the wonderful things other people have pinned - better than a magazine, I tell ya!

No, that egg was not my breakfast! Look closely. Click on it. It's embroidered on toast. Yes, found that on Pinterest. I'm not inspired to make a quilt from it, but boy, is it interesting! Or pinteresting?
And look at these lovely bowls I found on Pinterest. I'd love to own them, but the color combination would make a great quilt, don't you think?
Oh my, I'm drooling now.... love this "worn turquoise" color combo. Yes, these colors definitely need to be in a future quilt.
Okay, you're allowed to go now. Hurry to Pinterest RIGHT NOW! While you're there, do a search on quilts - there are some way cool ones there.

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