Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Soup and Houses

What a nice day! I woke up still feeling rough, but I dug into my list from yesterday and actually accomplished some things. And then after a yummy bowl of roasted vegetable soup (leftover from the weekend) for lunch, I started feeling better. It's about time!
The day just kept getting better and better. The mailman brought me a wonderful prize - I won house blocks from Beth at Love Laugh Quilt! Back in December I sent her a house block for her challenge, and low and behold, she drew my name! Don't you love this Peace house?
And this adorable one with the owlie in the window?
I love me some owlies! I received nine 12-inch house blocks and I can't wait to put them together.

So before I go to bed, I'll make another list and maybe tomorrow will be another productive day.

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