Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aging Eyes

This seems to be the year for handwork for me. Hubby sees me every night straining to see every little stitch. He suggested I get one of these Ott Lights when a magnifying glass attached. How did he even know about these???? He has a friend at work (a guy) who does counted cross stitch and swears by his Ott Light with a magnifying glass.

Joann's has them on sale for 50% off this week, so I picked one up yesterday. I'll try it out tonight.
One of my bees is having an optional challenge this year to make a quilt with men's ties. I have a drawer full of them, so I'm in. I pulled a few out this afternoon, along with a piece of wool. Hmm. My wheels are spinning!
I haven't had time for much sewing today. I'm up to my ears in my parents' will, their insurance policies, and the internet. I've been assigned the task of figuring out how to get my Dad into a nursing home when he doesn't want to go. We think he knows something is up, but we haven't broken the news to him yet. I'll be the one to do that dreaded deed.


Anonymous said...

becareful about leaving that magnifier uncovered close to a window.

a friendhad the sun burn a hole in a quilt on the back of a chair through her ott light's magnifying glass...

Jodi said...

(Sounds like a good tip from the previous commenter - wow!) Love the light, I have a smaller version, and love your comfy-looking leather chair! I've been thinking about making something with my husband's "ugly" ties (he loves them). And I feel your pain re Dad! Mine just turned 80 and I dread the day... Take care, and good luck!