Thursday, January 6, 2011

One BOM done

Despite not feeling well, I've managed to sit in my recliner and stitch. Yesterday I finished the Baltimore Christmas January block. Okay, so I haven't done the embroidery yet, but the applique is done - yay me!
I put a dime in the middle so you can see how tiny the shoes are - smaller than Barbie shoes! The funny thing is that the first pair of shoes I stitched ended up being the best! Somehow, as I progressed through each angel, their shoes got bigger and wonkier!

The next block has candy canes and gingerbread men. I'm going to take a break before I start it. I think my Sue Spargo BOM kit for January is supposed to come next week.
Thanks for all the nice comments on Daughter 2's crocheted dachshund puppy. The pattern came from this boxed calendar I gave her for Christmas. I got it at Joann's near the checkout counter.
Here's the publisher. There were lots of cute patterns inside!

Happy Birthday to Elizabeth, Daughter 2! My baby is 21!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Oh my goodness! That angel block is magnificent! Hope you're feeling better soon.

heather said...

Those angels look great. I avoid applique at all costs so that's really impressive to me.

Threeundertwo said...

Hello! I just started this quilt in wool applique. Found your blog by googling for images to see how others are doing. I LOVE the fabrics you're using! I started on a different block because I'm scared of those shoes. Yours turned out fine.

Nice to find you! I invite you to link up to my "Finished for Friday" posts so others can see what you've been doing.

Fiesta said...

Julia, your Baltimore Christmas BOM is delightful. Is there a link to it?