Monday, January 10, 2011

Lucked Out!

We really lucked out in our area weather-wise. Birmingham sits right in the middle of the winter storm that came through last night. Some areas not far from here got six inches of snow. But we only got a dusting. However, there is about an inch of ice under the snow, so the roads are all impassable. It is the best case scenario for us. Hubby must work from home (yay!) and we didn't lose electricity (yay!).

So I will continue my recliner sewing that has been going on for quite some time now. I still don't feel that great - I have that dizzy feeling in my head that won't seem to go away. But I know in another week or so, I'll start getting my strength back and hopefully will feel less loopy. I took my last antibiotic this morning.
I started stitching hexies together in a long chain on Saturday. I had hubby place them on the deck so I could get a few pics from the doorway:

Hubby: You want me to put them where? But there's snow on the table.
Me: I know. It won't hurt them.

He patiently stood by while I zoomed in and clicked away. He's a good dog, as I always tell him. The ultimate compliment.

And yesterday I felt compelled to start the Baltimore Christmas block number 2. So much for my break on this project! I was thrilled to discover that this block is much less intricate than the angel block!

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