Sunday, January 30, 2011

Attacked by an Octopus!

This is (was) the sad state of my command center for applique. You might notice that the new Ott lamp is missing. It just didn't work out. I was constantly adjusting both the lamp arm and the magnifying glass. They kept getting in my way. I felt like I was under attack! The last straw was Friday night. I reached to answer the phone - my arm knocked the lamp - the lamp knocked my drink- ya da ya (RED!) all over the place, including the curtains!
Not only did a need a new and differnt lamp, I needed a new system! Every thing for all three BOMs was in a jumbled mess. So Saturday morning I returned Mr. Ott to Joann's and came home with this.
Only one arm! The light is built in behind the magnifying glass! No more octopus attacks! I spent the next hour organizing my BOM supplies. Ta Dah!!!

This is more like it! By the way, the brown basket/box on the hearth contains my Kaffe Fassett collection, at the ready to stitch into a BOM. The cup on the table is where I put my snippets of thread and fabric.
I separated the supplies for the three BOMs into three plastic bins, easily stored in the table. I have my scissors, thimble, and applique thread bobbin in the drawer - it's used for all three. Look at the curtains - can you see the wine stain? Grrr. Better do some laundry! Anyway, I'm trying really hard to live productively!


Rhonda said...

Julia, thanks for the tip about the light......loved reading this post...funny and informative. Your handwork station looks awesome!!!

Lisa A said...

Glad you found a proper alternative. We missed you at guild today. Several people had things to give you. Guess we'll wait till next time.

Chris said...

Looks like you got it all organized. Isn't that a good feeling? Sorry about the curtains!