Thursday, October 16, 2008

Slice and Rearrange!

I took one look at those blasted nine patch blocks on my design wall this morning and realized I was going nowhere fast with this piece.  So I did what every self respecting quilter should do.  I pulled all the blocks off the wall and sliced them up!

I cut them all in half the same way, with a diagonal cut.  Not all the blocks were nine patches; some were strip pieced, or whatever, but I cut them all exactly the same way.

So now I had a big pile of mixed up, cut up blocks.
So I went to work putting them back on the wall, all mixed up.  I didn't put any thought into how they went up except for trying to spread the orange around a bit.

I like it so much better now!  Click on the image if you want to see a close-up.  This is much more free, much less contrived.  And that suits me just fine.


Pixie Chick said...

Love this blog Judy! It's time to show the world your great talent.

Joan said...

It's certainly looking good