Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Prince of a Portrait

I did this little portrait today and I love it!  Let me introduce you to Prince.  I've talked a great deal about Mickey Blue Eyes because it seems like he's always into something and demanding attention.  After all, he's only a year old.

Prince is our older dachshund.  He's about 6 years old.  We adopted him at 6 months old when his owner had to go to boot camp.  Because Prince is older, he's quite content to sleep away the day, preferably buried under a quilt on the sofa.  Mickey loves to torment him, bite his ears, and chase him around the house, and although Prince would deny it, I think he loves playing with Mickey.

If you're familiar with my book, Fabric Photo Play, you know I developed an easy technique to make quilted portraits.  But I'd never done one in felted wool.  This portrait is done entirely in colorful wool roving using my felting/embellishing machine.  The background is black felt.

It's a keeper!

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