Sunday, October 19, 2008

Art From Bottle Caps

This afternoon my husband and I went to Northport, AL (about an hour from Birmingham) to the Kentuck Festival of the Arts, a two day event showcasing folk and contemporary art, craft demonstrations, regional cuisine, and live music.  I've always wanted to go and finally did!  What a fun time we had!

It was a visual explosion of color and creativity.  Though there were only a few quilters there, I came away inspired, with new ideas rattling around my brain all the way home.  I learned one thing for sure...

I'm not the only one who collects bottle caps:

The West Alabama Quilters Guild had a booth.  But instead of the generic white top on their tent, they had an elaborated quilted roof over their heads.
And I loved this sign.  I agree wholeheartedly, even with the forgotten "N."
I thought it was so funny that the 'regional cuisine' was corn dogs, fried onion blossoms, funnel cakes, and freshly fried pork rinds!  I wonder if people in the North really think we Southerners live on this sort of food?  Though I have to admit, the smells wafting from the food area were pretty yummy.


Joan said...

Glad you both had a good day. Loved the quilted roof of that booth. The food listed is quite different from anything available here in England.

Lisa A said...

Oh, if I had known you were going and that they had fresh pork rinds, I would have requested a bag. They are the best!