Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Still on a Detour

Today I quilted yesterday's scrap project.  After looking at it for a few minutes, I decided it was a background piece and needed something more.  So I pulled out pieces of wool and cut out a flower and bud vase.  If you click on the picture, you'll see that the round flower is three dimensional.

I pulled most of the nine patch stuff off the design wall and rearranged a bit:
I still don't like it.

I realized I still had quite a pile of itty bitty scraps on my work table (okay, so I didn't clean up yesterday!).  They were calling my name.  So I made another one:
This time I turned the scraps in different directions.  I really love this one!  It told me (don't your quilts talk to you?) it wanted to be hand quilted with embroidery floss.  So that's what I'll do.  It will be my Pushing Daisies (another favorite show) project tonight.

Finally, I thought I'd show you my last metal star for my deck.  This one I painted and then glued buttons on every other section.  They're still not hung yet...


Joan said...

Well you have been very busy again. Do like the colours added to the first scrappy and love the second scrappy. Turning the pieces the other way seems to make quite a difference.

The Southern Mom said...

I know what you mean about quilts talking to you...I've got one talking to me right now. It's saying "Get off that computer and get busy or I'll never be a Christmas present"!