Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cleaning Day

I spent the ENTIRE day cleaning my studio.  Yay me!  Believe me, it needed it!  Here's where I sew.  My sewing machine is in the lower left, barely visible.  Behind my chair is a counter top from Home Depot that I got years ago.  It sits on two wire drawer organizers.  And you can actually see the surfaces now!  I should have taken before pictures so you could see the difference.  Above the counter I have a small peg board with hooks to hang a few important tools.  I've pinned many of my small pieces above.

I love my studio because it's a finished attic - the only room on that level of our house.  I can shut the door at the foot of the stairs and no one can see the mess.  However, I hate it because since no one ever goes up there except me, I don't have much impetus to keep it straight.  Plus I don't have any closets in the room, so everything is in view.  I have two of these shelf units, which I further loaded down today.

I wish I could say that I'm done, but no, I got another day's work ahead.  I hope to finish tomorrow.  I still have to three more corners to clean out and sort through.  Plus the stairs to the room are piled with stuff.  I'm surprised I haven't fallen going up or down and broken a limb or two.  I'm pleased with what I accomplished, though.  A productive day!

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joan said...

It's good to tackle the tidying over a few days. My craft room certainly needs thats. Trouble is I find things that I didn't know I had and then go off at a tangent. Lovely to see all your recent works decorating the wall space