Thursday, May 9, 2013

What I'm Thinking About....

1. Loving yellow right now! I really want to make a yellow quilt.

2. Tired. Of. Driving. Mom is back home in Augusta. I'm back home in Auburn. 8+ hours of driving for me today. Early to bed tonight.

3. How did I not know that I had 16 unopened private messages on my Facebook page? They were labeled "Other."

4. I need to make a list. So many things are swirling in my head. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

5. I wish the doggies would stop pretending they need to do their "business" when they really only want to go outside to hunt lizards.

6. Wishing I could squelch the self doubt that is creeping into my mind... It's probably because I'm so darn tired at the moment... I just want to promote the heck out our new book and spread our hexie love everywhere!

7. So glad hubby is taking vacation on Friday and Monday!

8. Can't wait to see many of my Birmingham friends on Monday. Spreading the hexie love....

9. Is a piece of cornbread enough for my supper? It's really all I want.

10. This time next week I'll be in Portland with Peggy. Can't wait!

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