Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Wonderful Mother's Day

Mother's Day treated me well! Daughter 2 brought me the beautiful potted plant and Daughter 1 made a candle for me - Citrus Basil! Happy, happy!

I have had a productive weekend, too. I finished a quilt yesterday. Yay! And this afternoon I finished machine quilting another one! I think it's whispering for a bit of hand quilting, too, so I'll oblige soon...

Hubby and I drove to the lake to pick up a pressure washer late this afternoon - it was a beautiful day for a drive. The water was lovely. Can't wait to get back there for more than a few minutes! We're planning an extended stay soon.

I've got to wake up early, early in the morning. I'm headed to Birmingham for a book signing in the morning. I'll get a chance to visit with all my Birmingham Quilt Guild buddies, and then have lunch with another good friend.

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