Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Lake Mis-Adventure...

We had a spur-of-the-moment lake trip! Here's hubby and Mickey on the Sea Doo. That Mickey is just a bit spoiled....

And here I am, proving that yes, you CAN hexie on a boat ride! Made tons of hexies over the two days.

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have heard about my accidental dunk in the lake. I was trying to help hubby dock the boat Friday afternoon.  It was VERY windy, making the docking process challenging. I hopped off onto the floating pier (which was rocking because of the wind and waves) and tried to pull the rope on the boat. The wind was blowing the boat away from me and as I leaned to grab it, I fell in the drink. I'm a good swimmer so I didn't freak out, but my visor and glasses came off as I went under the water.

Hubby and Daughter 2 successfully docked the boat while I swam to the stairs to get my soggy self out of the water. That's when we realized that my phone was in my pocket.  Oops. Daughter 2 and SIL came the next morning with my old glasses so I only spent one evening and early the next morning blind as the proverbial bat.

Here are the daughters and the doggies on a boat ride.

And the kids on the Sea Doo.

We had a great time and can't wait to get back there for a lengthened trip SOON! Meanwhile I need to schedule an eye appointment so I can get new glasses. My phone has spent two days packed in rice and is now on an air vent. I don't think it's going to survive.  Oh well...

By the hubby and I are celebrating our 29th anniversary!

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