Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quilt Market Trends

I'm settling in back home - still tired, but also still exuberant from our many adventures in Portland! Here's a shot of Peggy and me signing books on Saturday - we were FLOORED by the line of people waiting for our book/signatures! Wow!

This became my favorite breakfast to energize me for the day - we didn't always get a chance to eat lunch, so breakfast was very important. Nothing like Eggs Benedict!

Above is a photo I took of the table covering at the Accuquilt booth. How appropriate! We had an appointment to meet with them and we ended up sitting at a hexie table... serendipity, huh?

You know we love Accuquilt! Peggy and I both own their Studio cutter and LOTS of sizes of circle dies. We mention them throughout the book because we believe in their products and love them. But until now, Accuquilt didn't know about us. They do now!

We'll be working with Accuquilt in the future to help each other. They are going to carry Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts in their on-line store!  They also provided us with some goodies (can't wait for the FedEx guy to bring them) to help us continue to spread the wonders of the Quick and Easy Hexie technique.

So here are a few trends that were very obvious at Spring Market:

1. HEXIES! So many booths had hexie quilts, though none were made the Quick and Easy Hexie way! Even the Accuquilt representative told us that they've noticed that hexies are a trend, not a fad.

2. Beautiful bright clear colors! Almost every booth was a riot of color. Very few booths featured traditional, grayed colors. Not much civil war, etc.

3.  MODERN quilts! Modern quilts were EVERYWHERE! They definitely outnumbered the more traditional quilts.

4.  Modern Quilters! Yes, I saw many people the show that were young, hip, obviously ready to dive into the new modern quilting world. They had tattoos, pink or blue hair, and eye-catching clothing. (Maybe I'll take some hair chalk with me next time - what do you think - maybe a streak of temporary GREEN?)

The best story from our trip: Peggy getting bitten by a parrot on the Rail! How funny!  

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Sue G. said...

Hi Julia!!!! I think temporary green would look great!!

I wanted to tell you that I had been reading some of my other blogs and guess what I saw....Your new hexie book on their desk!!!! Pat Sloan's Blog.