Friday, May 10, 2013

Housing and Baby Boom

We have been amazed this Spring at all the birds building nests around our house. We've had so much fun watching them flit and fly, build nests, lay eggs, and feed their babies. This is the strangest one. Can you see that blob on the side of our house under the eaves?

I've never seen a nest build on a vertical wall! We've seen the bird, but I'm not sure what it is. It's brownish gray - any ideas?

There's a nice bluebird family living in this house.

Here's a nest of baby cardinals just outside our bathroom window. We enjoy watching both mom and dad feeding them. They were sleeping when I took the picture. :)

Here's a tiny little nest of eggs tucked in a potted plant on the driveway. I think these are wrens.

And here is an odd one. We have this iron dog sculpture on the back patio. Today I noticed that one eye looked, well, a bit different.

A dirt dauber has a nest in one eye. Go figure - this is one I'd like to get rid of!

I'm feeling more rested today after my long drive yesterday. I hit the ground running with lots of calls, emails, and business-y stuff. Then a grocery shopping trip, followed by a nice nappy. I have baked spaghetti in the oven, brownies cooling on the counter, and we're settled in for the evening. Daughter 1 and SIL just came home from Disney World. Their apartment is still being repaired, so they'll be with us a few more weeks which is fine with us!

It's good to relax and put my feet up! I may even pick up a needle and thread after dinner.

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Sue G. said...

Isn't it wonderful that you can watch the progress of these families! Watching closely you will see all the changes the birdies go thru. Nice pictures!!!