Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stitches and Stitches

Sorry, no pictures today. But that doesn't mean there isn't anything going on! You know that I'm still stitching away. My goal was to finish the book quilts by the end of March (except for binding). Did I make it? Not quite, but I do believe that tomorrow I will! 4 days late is not bad. That give me more than a month to do my part of the writing.

My father fell at the nursing home Sunday afternoon. I picked up my mom and we met the ambulance at the hospital. He said he fell forward onto the floor. I'm not sure how he did it, but he managed to get a 4-inch gash on the very tip-top of his head. He said he didn't hit anything but the floor, but I can't figure out how his injury ended up where it did. Anyway, he had to have several stitches and a CAT scan, which turned up no problems. So another ambulance to him back to the nursing home.

Then Monday morning, he fell again. This time he cut his elbow, but didn't need to go to the hospital. Today he has not fallen - yay! I do think he seems more confused since the first fall, but he was already confused, so it's hard to tell.

My mother will be moving to Augusta in less than two weeks. As soon as my brother can make arrangements for a nursing home there, we'll move my dad.

We took a quick trip back to Furman for an awards ceremony to see Daughter 2 receive a very nice award. Back again today. Hippety hop. The doggies are glad we are back. Yes, I stitched all the way to South Carolina and back.

And the house. Our current house. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Someone seems to be interested in it. Hopefully some news on that subject soon!

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quilt happy said...

good luck on your house praying for your dad