Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Quick Trip to Greenville, SC

I left early Tuesday am for Greenville and Furman. Daughter 2 was selected to perform in the Spring Honors Recital and I was excited to attend. Wow, again. Another stellar performance! And her last one, since she'll be graduating soon and moving on to Pharmacy School. Music has played a huge part in her life since she was very young.
She was one of six performers last night; there was a singer, a classical guitar player, an oboe player, two pianists, and a violinist, in addition to Elizabeth and her clarinet. I felt very cultured for having been there!
Today was the long and yukky driving home. Lots of rain. Lots of traffic through Atlanta, even though I hit it mid-morning. The drive today took 6 hours instead of the usual 5, so I was glad to get back to B'ham, pick up the dogs from the vet, and take a nice long nap.

Tomorrow my plan is to be up early and put in a long day working on the book - yay!

House update: Two more couples both seem interested. We're trying not to get our hopes up though. Another showing tomorrow afternoon.

Father update: Dad is not doing well. He doesn't seem to always recognize my brother and Mom when they visit. He's fallen again, but no real injuries. It looks like we're moving toward a level of care for him called "Comfort Care." They will keep him comfortable, but he will not receive medical interventions. My brother is doing a great job handling his needs along with those of my Mom.

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